On our mission to provide high quality products in Egypt, our business has led us to grasp that only when the customer is at the heart of the business, does the business flourish and succeed.

Having our customer come first, our integrity, respect and continuously thriving to create a positive impact- our customers have in return granted us their trust that ultimately grew our business and continue to escalate our rankings in the industry.

We honor our values sincerely, nurturing our people, our products and what we have to offer our customers. We are confident in our quality and in our vision for progression. We are determined to continuously improve in every aspect of our business and are rewarded with how it reflects onto our society and the well-being of people.

We are an organization that works systematically and concurrently towards improving the health care worldwide, which to our beliefs can only take place with people’s trust and respect.

We are thankful for the support we’ve received from our loyal customers throughout the years and promise to ceaselessly meet their expectations and bring them nothing less than what they are worthy of the best!

“Because we believe that our success is tied up to our people, we are committed to keep supporting and encouraging our employees the best way we can to help with their professional growth.”


Mr. Ahmed Hosny Abdelkader 
Chairman of the Board